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"Sahara Loc-coat" powder-coating is not the normal powder-coating we normally see today, but is the latest, strongest powder-coating available in the world!

The “Sahara Loc-coat” range of powder coating was developed for a six star hotel in Dubai (often shown on the TV show "Getaway") in the Middle East to withstand their extreme climactic conditions. Normal powder coating would not stand the test of time in this beach location on The Gulf (adjacent to the Arabian Sea) due to the extreme heat, extreme cold, driving wind, sand storms and high salinity.

  • Sahara Loc-coat is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 7 years* for all industrial commercial application including right on the beach, in one of the harshest known climates for powder-coating to endure. We offer the same guarantee here in Australia. (* maintenance conditions apply)
  • Sahara Loc-coat is 30% stronger than normal powder coating and normally three times the cost in the past the “Sahara” range of powder coating could only be used in large architectural projects due to its high cost.
  •  Sahara Loc-coat is available in selected colours, including most of the colours normally used for windows, doors guttering and downpipes, at very attractive rates. Just ask your local Distributor!

Sahara Firestone- a timber look-a-like colour

Our Research Team in conjunction with the Sahara chemists have worked very hard to develop a distinctive new colour – FIRESTONE - that enhances the look of stained or oiled timber, but is made of maintenance free aluminium. Architects and Designers are raving about this colourful and distinctive alternative which also carries the normal Sahara Loc-coat 7 year guarantee.


It is not widely known that when you weld aluminium before it is powder-coated you can invalidate the powder-coating guarantee. Our products are not welded together as is the norm with most other aluminium manufactures, so all our products receive the full powder-coating guarantee. *

Powder suppliers will only guarantee* the powder coating of welds that are completed to the highest standard. If the weld has any holes in it, is uneven or rough in any way, the guarantee* will not apply to the whole of the article being powder-coated.

This is not the case with our product range as no welding occurs. This is further long time protection for your home improvements that are coated with Sahara Loc-coat.

*The Guarantee on powders & coating may vary between manufacturers.


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